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The department was first established in 1957 as the Department of Fisheries Education. It was renamed the Department of Fishery Technology in 1959, and later became the Department of Marine Food Science in 1983. In 1997 it was officially named the Department of Food Science. We have offered B.A. degrees since 1964, Master’s degrees since 1975, and Doctorate degrees since 1985.

enlightenedDevelopment Focuses

The department aims not only to develop the science and technology needed to effectively utilize agricultural and aquatic resources but also to train specialists and scientists in the field of food science. Our 26 faculty members teach and conduct a wide range of research and extension projects. In the foreseeable feature the department will be able to provide an exceptional environment for study and research, especially in the fields of food science and biotechnology.


enlightenedEducational Goals

Emphasis in undergraduate program is on agriculture and life science and on their biological and physical underpinnings. We also introduce students to technology associated with the areas of food science and biotechnology. Graduate students focus on integrating and broadening basic food science knowledge as well as developing critical thinking and independent research skills.


enlightenedResearch Characteristics

Major research areas have been focused on food chemistry, food processing, biotechnology, food microbiology, nutrition and food engineering. Faculty members conduct their research in well-equipped research laboratories where students are also trained in experimental techniques. Specified research topics include: 1) food biotechnology; 2) chitin and chitosan; 3) health foods and functional products; 4) fishery toxicology; 5) food enzymology; 6) utilization of underutilized fish; 7) nano technology application on food; 8) fish physiology; 9) fish nutrition; and, 10) new product development.

Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Biomedicine and New Agriculture


enlightenedAdvanced Study and Career Opportunities

About half of undergraduate student enrolled in graduate school of local and foreign university for Master’s and Doctorate degrees in various fields such as food science, biotechnology, nutrition, medicine, fish biology and physiology.

Main fields of employment for alumni of this department are: Food industry, Food related industry, Fishery related industry, Biotechnology company, Government, Education and training organizations, and Medicine and apparatus companies.